And the Winner is…

Outdoor Women Unlimited and Weatherby would like to congratulate OWU member Kristie McEwen, the winner of the Weatherby BLAZE rifle!

Kristie McEwen, winner of the Weatherby BLAZE rifle and Rebecca Wood

“As a small child my Daddy took me to the shooting range at the Gun Club where he was a member and taught me about and let me shoot some of his guns.”  From this humble beginning Kristie learned about firearms and how they could be properly used.
Fast Forward to 2010 when she began dating an old high school friend who was an avid deer hunter and joined him in all the activities associated with that sport.  From the pre-season work days cutting trees, planting fields, and making stands ready, to actually sitting in a shooting house on a cold December day watching the sun rise and the frost on the leaves begin to melt looking for deer to come into view she began a new activity and expanded her limits.
Her friend was also trained as an NRA Firearms Instructor and encouraged her to take charge of her own personal safety and purchase and carry a concealed firearm as an aid in accepting no limits for this Constitutional Right.  “I took the NRA Basic Pistol course and took what I had learned from my Dad as a little girl and became even more comfortable around firearms.” The course taught her in a simple way the 5 fundamentals of shooting and most importantly the golden rules of firearm safety which other OWU ladies who have taken this course learned.
Wanting to “accept no limits” she continued in her desire to become more capable and, like several other OWU members, took both the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home Courses to increase her knowledge, skill, and attitude toward competently being able to use a firearm as part of a personal self-defense plan.  “These courses taught me the awesome responsibility in the choice to use a firearm as part of a total self-defense plan and helped me prepare my mind if confronted with a situation where I was in eminent threat of bodily harm or death to be able to respond accordingly.”
Being a member of OWU has been a wonderful experience.  “And now having my name in the pot with all members of our organization and it being pulled out as the winner of the Weatherby Vanguard Blaze rifle is just another wonderful OWU moment!  I can’t wait to sight in the rifle and take it on my first hunt!”  As the OWU motto says, “We Accept No Limits!!”
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